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Manchester United defender Raphael Varane pair Aymeric Lapaw centre-back.

Manchester United defender Raphael Varane to pair with Aymeric Lapaw as a centre-back. Ronaldo’s team has set its sights on acquiring Manchester United defender, pairing with Laporte. Al-Nasser, Cristiano Ronaldo’s agency, is preparing to sign. Al-Nasser, Cristiano Ronaldo ‘s agency, is preparing to sign Manchester United defender Raphael Varane to pair with Aymeric

Liverpool beat Lask 4-0 at home.

Liverpool beat Lask 4-0 at home in the Europa League, making England the group champion. At Anfield it was the Europa League Group E match between the Reds and Lask from Austria.  After 12 minutes, Liverpool took a 1-0 lead when Joe Gomez’s high-pointer lifted

Romeu praises Pedri as special player.

Oriol Romeu praises Pedro Gonzalez López Pedri as a great player and makes his football teammates feel comfortable playing with him. Oriol Romeu, 32-year-old Barcelona midfielder praises Pedro Gonzalez-López Pedri as a great player and intelligent player. After having faced each other last season. Before becoming teammates

Kvicha father tells his son to dream of playing for Madrid.

Napoli forward Kvicha Kvaratschelia has dreamed of playing for Real Madrid football since childhood. According to the Georgia international winger’s father. Badri Kvaratskelia, father of Kvicha Kvaratskelia. Napoli’s Georgia international forward revealed that. His son has always dreamed of playing with Real Madrid after following the

5 lifestyles that hurt your eyes

Behavior that we do until it becomes a daily routine. Sometimes it directly harms your eyes. without us knowing Let’s see what we’ve overlooked. The eyes are not just the window to the heart. but also a wider world for us eye care and proper use As well as protecting the eyes