Erik ten Hag is confident that it can conjure up Man Utd.

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Erik ten Hag, head coach Interview said that he chose to take over Manchester United because he believed that he could save the team. Although already known to be difficult

, the “Red Devils” made their Premier League debut disappointing, losing straight to both Brighton and Brentford, bringing the team down to the bottom of the table. By Monday night, preparing for a difficult game in the open house for Liverpool

Ten Hag began to face more pressure, however, the Dutch manager. Still confident that he will be able to bring the team back. In a pre-match interview, “Red Fury”:

“I’m not here for myself, I’m here to help and save this club, I know it’s going to be a challenge.

And I want this challenge. Because in my career I’ve always had a difficult start. But in the end I got the job done, and I’m sure I can do it with this team as well.”

“I chose this project, I knew there was going to be a process, and I’m going to stick to the philosophy and the plan we’ve laid out, I’m sure the players, coaches and management here will cooperate,”

he said. In what position we are, we have to improve a lot, we have to follow our plans without losing interest to Liverpool

. Plus we don’t have a defensive midfielder. the UFABET report

“The first game we played a pair of centre-backs who had never played together before, and the goalkeeper wasn’t in the best shape.

” But I know we can fix it. And the result will be better as well.”