Griezmann reveals why Joao Felix didn’t work out for Atletico.

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Antoine Griezmann thinks Joao Felix may have emotional problems. Causing his work with the Atletico football team to not be as smooth as it should be.

Antoine Griezmann, French national team striker for Atletico Madrid revealed to Mobistar Plus On Thursday. The reason why Joao Felix was unable to move forward with the Atletico team as expected came from emotional problems. Before the Portuguese attacker who moved to play with Barcelona on loan will face the real team this Sunday ทางเข้า UFABET 

Felix’s attitude was a topic of discussion during his previous spells with Atletico Madrid. But has been less discussed since his move to Barcelona after the 24-year-old forward. Adapting well to the team and life in the Catalan capital. 

‘In the end When you come here You will know more or less what the coach and team are like. Either you adapt and work towards it or things don’t work out for you. Chuao performs very well at times. But you have to be consistent.’

‘There were times when he was tired and didn’t see himself being here. That’s why he tried (to leave) and the club tried to find a way out for him.’ Griezmann said.

On the side of “AS”, a famous Spanish media report that Felix may decide to flee to find the net for Paris Saint-Germain. Which is one of the clubs that have shown interest in him to join the army. But the main obstacle is the price that Atletico Madrid has set as high as 85 million pounds.