JK insists he won’t release Keita, tells him he’s not about to buy more

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp insists Naby Keita will not leave the club this summer. And said that he did not have the power to spend money to buy new additions.

“Reds” suffered many injuries, especially in the middle of the field, including Thiago Alcantara, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. And Curtis Jones, plus Jordan Henderson, are also in poor shape,

while Keita is reportedly unhappy at Anfield and does not want to renew his contract. Making calls from fans to buy more midfielders.

Klopp gave an interview about the transfer market for the rest of the team, saying:

“Sell Naby now? And not find his representative? That’s not at all, it’s definitely not our plan.”

“Our transfer market is over, there is no chance Naby will move, but if he does Which he definitely doesn’t move! – We definitely need an agent. And it will be very difficult to find a replacement for him.”

“We have the squad we need, if all the players are 100 fit but we always want to strengthen the team… But it has to be the right player.”

“If we can’t find the right player, we’ll have to accept what we have. More than bringing players who are not 100 per cent into the team. the UFABET report

“Now we have a lot of injuries. And we might imagine it would be nice to have a new midfielder come in.

“But then there’s another factor. We have no choice of money, the situation is like this, we are told different things. And then we deal with it, it’s always been like this and never changes.

Actually, not because they are good looking, But because they have great characters. And they showed it last Monday.”

“Now let’s move on, don’t worry too much about the transfer, the truth is the truth, accept it and move on from here.”