Liverpool beat Lask 4-0 at home.

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Liverpool beat Lask 4-0 at home in the Europa League, making England the group champion. At Anfield it was the Europa League Group E match between the Reds and Lask from Austria. 

After 12 minutes, Liverpool took a 1-0 lead when Joe Gomez’s high-pointer lifted into the penalty area for Luis Diaz to head in wide open with no remains ทางเข้า UFABET 

Next, in the 16th minute, the score moved to 2-0, this time Luis Diaz flowed up to the right. Mohamed Salah caught the ball before cutting into the middle. Cody Kakpo reached alone before slamming the ball in. door to

Then in the 32nd minute the Reds had another chance, Kostas Simikas added high and pressed with his left but the ball hit the crossbar hard.

At the end of the first half, Liverpool almost got the third goal. But Mohamed Salah missed the goal of Tobias Lawal, the visiting team’s goalkeeper.

4 minutes into the second half. The home team received a penalty. Tobias Lawal went out to foul Cody Kakpo and Mohamed Salah took responsibility for the kill, making no mistake, 3-0.

Then in the 54th minute the Reds missed another chance. It was a dragging moment for Cody Kakpo before he shuffled the trigger with his right but the ball hit the far left post and came out behind.

The home team continued to play the game in the 59th minute, coordinated by Ryan Grafenberg for Darwin Nuñez to shoot and save Tobias Laval. 

In extra time, Cody Kakpo scored the final goal to complete the 90 minutes. Liverpool won 4-0 and advanced to the round of 16 as number 1 in the group.