Romeu praises Pedri as special player.

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Oriol Romeu praises Pedro Gonzalez López Pedri as a great player and makes his football teammates feel comfortable playing with him.

Oriol Romeu, 32-year-old Barcelona midfielder praises Pedro Gonzalez-López Pedri as a great player and intelligent player. After having faced each other last season. Before becoming teammates this season. According to a report from ‘Deario Sport’ last Thursday.

‘Pedri is a great player, he is very clever with the way he receives the ball between the lines. I really admire him. That he could use his small body to face his opponents at any time. And the way he decides is always right.’ ทางเข้า UFABET 

‘It is very difficult. Especially when you’re playing around a lot of players. He is a very smart person. And the way he always tries to make the final pass or make the final decision. And most of the time he does it correctly. It’s a very difficult thing to do and he’s someone you feel comfortable playing with.’

‘Every ball he received He always makes the perfect first touch. When you find someone to play with He will always be ready. And as a player and teammate this is very useful. And we are very grateful for this.’ Romeu said.