Manchester United defender Raphael Varane pair Aymeric Lapaw centre-back.

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Manchester United defender Raphael Varane to pair with Aymeric Lapaw as a centre-back. Ronaldo’s team has set its sights on acquiring Manchester United defender, pairing with Laporte. Al-Nasser, Cristiano Ronaldo’s agency, is preparing to sign.

Al-Nasser, Cristiano Ronaldo ‘s agency, is preparing to sign Manchester United defender Raphael Varane to pair with Aymeric Lapaw as a centre-back. Gargt , former Manchester City star, is set to fight next season. By preparing a budget for Varane’s salary of up to 50 million pounds per year.

Pro League’s top team, Saudi Arabia, is one of the clubs backed by the Public Investment Fund (PIF), giving them free reign to spend money. It is also not under the control of UEFA’s FFP rules.

In addition to Ronaldo, Sadio Mane, Marcelo Brozovic,

Aymeric Laporte and Alex Telles, Al-Nasser is also targeting. Varane will be brought in to increase the number of superstars in the team next season.

According to the ยูฟ่าเบท Al-Nasser is preparing to make a huge offer to Varane with a salary of £50 million per year. or an average of not less than 1 million pounds per week

Despite moving from Real Madrid for a fee of 41 million pounds in 2021 and having been a regular team switcher until now, this season the 30-year-old star has begun to be rumored to move away from the Red Devils. periodically For the reason that he has only started 9 matches in the Premier League, both because of injury problems and not being selected by Eric Ten Hag.

It is still expected that moving to work with Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia is quite possible. When ending a legendary 10-year stint with Real Madrid to move to Old Trafford, it wasn’t as successful as expected. There is still a high chance that this current season will end empty-handed again.